Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Smells Of Summer.

My summer perfume of choice is Coppertone. I love its scent. It is one of those nostalgic smells that reminds me of beaches and green grass.

I am one chromosome away from being albino. My eyes are blue, my hair is blonde(...ish), and my skin is transparent. I wish I had lovely milky white skin like Nicole Kidman, but mine is more pink, like, I dunno, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Because of my sensitivity to the sun combined with my concern over my skin's health, last year I began to experiment with self-tanners. I was sitting for days at a time in my apartment, toiling over my thesis, recoiling from Hamilton's stinky summer conditions and southern Ontario's 8+ UV scale, getting pastier and pastier as compared to my friends who were beginning to look downright Latino.

I bought myself a new bottle of tanner this week and used it yesterday for the first time this year. I wanted to add a little colour to my face, since really that's the only part of me exposed this time of year (sigh).

I forgot about that smell. The cream itself smells fine, but it's the chemical reaction afterwards - the cream actually changing the colour of the top layer of skin. The reaction produces this... smell. It's not totally offensive, but not all that pleasant, either. It's like a non-offensive body odour. Sour, but earthy.

The upshot is: I don't want this chemical reaction smell to usurp the Coppertone smell as a familiar summer scent. I suppose I can use Coppertone to mask the smell, but isn't that a bit like junior high boys bathing in cologne instead of using deodorant? I guess not. Maybe.


Laura said...

It's not fair, I know, I'm in Australia...BUT, I have to share, since Coppertone is also my scent of choice. Imagine leaving Canada, two days after a Maritime storm, flying for three days around the world so your body has no idea what time it is- so, what really tells you that you are finally in the land of sunshine and surfers? Spreading on that white stuff reminded me WHY I came here in February. And it's still such a joy to put on every morning and smell the sun and sand.

Catherine said...

Boo on you for rubbing in your now-Australia living, but thanks for the good taste in still checking my blog. From now on, though, I order you to not check my blog while there are lovely things to do outside (with Coppertone, of course). While the sun shines, Sweet Nothings is off-limits.