Monday, February 20, 2006

I Heard That You Were Feeling Ill; Headache, Fever And A Chill.

I turned a corner yesterday afternoon. I got a little bit of pluck back in the afternoon, but my sinuses still stung and it still felt like my eyes were pressurized.

This morning I'm into the coughing and phlegm stage of the cold.

I had a hankerin' for soup. I dug in the cupboard for some instant chicken noodle, but couldn't find any. I did, however, end up making a package of leek soup that looked like it was bought for a bunker in preparation of Khrushchev pressing the red button. It is a delight and I'm not kidding. It's salty and hot and creamy (in that way that leek soup is creamy). And it's not even St. David's Day!

Hindsight: why did I never learn to blow my nose? Is this something that can be taught? I think it's more like an empirical fact. "Some people can roll their tongues and some can't." I'm very bad at blowing my nose. It's inefficient, messy, and it makes me choke and gasp. Is this what it's like for everyone and I just don't know that this is what should be happening?

Snot B Gone!


Holly said...

"Take the rabbit through the hole, and over the stump..."

No, wait. That's instructions for tying your shoes... Nope, I don't know any ditties for learning to blow your nose.

Except for "That is a hanky and that is your sleeve- never mistake the two again." (When in doubt I refer to Henry Higgins.)

Poor chick. If worse comes to worse, just lie somewhere discreet and drain.

mel said...

I'm pretty sure the only lessons taught in nose blowing were a crash course that went something like this:

*mother holds kleenex up to young childs face*
Mother: Blow.

Now you're an expert! Just me? I think it's a universal mom thing.

Holly said...

Nice Ferris Bueller ref, by the way.