Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clinton Kelly, You're My Hero.

There's this moment. It's in the opening. You know, the titles. The titles of What Not To Wear.

What Not To Wear is one of my favourite shows. It's a show where people nominate fashion-challenged friends for a $5,000 makeover in New York City. They also get their hair (and makeup, if applicable) done by two very talented and expensive experts. Generally, it's great. The hosts are Stacey London, a black-haired skinny urban princess, and Clinton Kelly, a tall blonde drink of water who dresses like my fantasy boyfriends. They work well together, and with some tough love, the guests always feel better about themselves.

The show is on Friday nights, but I was pleased to find that it's in syndication every day at 1pm on TLC. I watch most days, because my 16 months without a TV made me miss a lot of episodes and it's a good chance to catch up.

In the titles, there's a moment where Clinton ushers a frumpy redhead through a door, and she emerges in a fantastic outfit, looking amazed and happy. Directly after she emerges, Clinton quickly looks off to the left, supposedly at Stacy, crinkling his baby blues and opening his mouth in an explosive laugh. Oh! He's so happy that the redhead looks so good!

It's only a split second, but it makes me so happy. I love to see it, and most times, it makes me laugh too. Watch for it.


Holly said...

Um... Yes. That sounds fascinating.

I'll be sure to.

Catherine said...

Oy, there, Miss Cynical. I'm not saying it's fascinating, I'm saying it's joyous. Absorb the joy! Do I have to tell you to unclench again? tsk tsk.

Holly said...

Has anyone ever suggested that "clenching" might be in order sometimes...?

Catherine said...

Hm! I never thought of that. I'll be sure to.

Ben said...

Um...are all your boyfriends gay, or just this one?

I mean, come on, we're talking kitten-in-a-basket gay here.

Rosey said...

I have to admit, that show is such a guilty pleasure for me. I wonder what they'd tell me if I was on the show?

Catherine said...

Ben! Don't ruin this for me! And besides, I just want my boyfriends to *dress* like Clinton (90% of the time), not want to *sleep* with Clinton.

Kitten-in-a-basket? Wait - are there secret levels of homosexuality that are unknown to the larger hetero population?

Holly said...

Oh, yes. Even old folks know of "gay as a red balloon," and "gay as a new Easter hat." Keep up with the turn-of-the-last-century lingo, Catherine!

And did you ever see that South Park episode where the guys from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" were turning everyone into Metro-sexuals so Earth could be invaded by the crab people?

Aren't you ashamed for supporting something like that?

And if I were ever on a show like that, I'd ask for the hard-cash equivalent to the capri pants or whatever other kind of crap they tried to foist on me.

And I would kill them with an eyebrow pencil if they tried to cut my hair off.

It would not be a fun encounter.

Sobia said...

I love "What Not To Wear." Unfortunately I don't get that channel here and can't watch it so I tried to get my fill of it when I was home. Mind you, it's best I not have it because every now and then they have "What Not To Wear" marathons on TLC and no doubt I would waste the entire day watching that show.