Thursday, January 12, 2006

UK Pot-pourri.

I've ordered stuff from Amazon. God, that's monumentally stupid of me.

I ordered "Long Way Round," the DVD by one of my husbands, Ewan McGregor, and some mate of his named Charley. It's based on his 'round-the-world journey the two did (with a cameraman) on their moterbikes.

I ordered another Nick Hornby book, "Speaking With An Angel." Ok, well, he edited it. I've been reading a lot of his books lately. Well, does two count as "a lot"? I recently finished "A Long Way Down," which surprised me, because I liked it very much. I liked it more than "How To Be Good."I thought the problem of "How To Be Good" was that the protagonist was female, but there were female protagonists in "A Long Way Down," and it worked. "Long" was written in a unique way - too -- that is, from four points of view. Interesting.

I also ordered "Black Books," a TV series from England, rounding out my UK order. Mike mentioned he liked it when he lived there, there's an actor in it from one of my favourite movies, Shawn of the Dead, and it's pretty cheap, so...

I know ordering stuff is monumentally stupid, but I'm getting the shakes. I need to spend some dosh or I'll break out in a rash.

And speaking of Mike, it's the old man's birthday today. To celebrate, he mentioned a drinking binge and a gay ole night out, extending his engagement with frat boy living. Let's hope he lives to see his 27th birthday.

Finally, tying in with the title: As usual, I'm filling the deafening silence with Virgin Radio UK off the internet. The dj on the air now is conducting trivia sessions with callers trying to assertain if those who are stoned fare better than those who are drunk. Granted, it is almost 1:30am their time, but it's still Thursday, right? Damn! There are enough people listening to the radio after midnight, who are either stoned or drunk and who have the wherewithall to call in for a quiz? The upshot: everyone got a big fat goose egg except one girl named Candice (who was so stoned she was considering eating a licorice allsort that she had found under her bed), who tallied up one point. Therefore, I believe this is scientific enough to prove that drunk people are dumber than stoned people. Mythbusters, organise!

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Holly said...

_Black Books_ may be one of the best Britcoms ever made!! (Well, this side of _Are You Being Served?_ and the Pythons, naturally... And maybe _Red Dwarf_... Actually, it's kind of hard to choose, eh?)

Enjoy. And if you don't like it, my birthday is coming up in May and I have nothing against second hand gifts... Or burned gifts, for that matter.