Friday, January 20, 2006

Namaste, Motherfuckers.

Two nights ago, my Thesisitis flared up again. Is it post-partum Thesistis now? I was wide awake until about 4am. I'm still feeling rather fatigued. I lay in bed, panicked by the years of clutter in my room, panicked by my relative lack of freedom, panicked by my relative lack of money. I want a job, my own place, and a life. I'm bummed out, dude.

Right now, feeling a little down again (shit...), I really want a drink. Ok, not just one drink, but an excess of drink. Many. Plethoral. Copious. I guess being a little sad is a very bad reason to drink. Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable getting soused with my Mum and Dad looking on, thereby compounding my woes. I haven't had a good drinking night/day since I got back to PEI. All my friends are upstanding members of their communities and/or internally suckling a foetus.

Finally, I'd like to mention that I am practicing yoga again. Since I am po' (and not a knockout in yogapants, therefore removing communal classes from the to-do list), I've been following a class on the TV. It's a show that's (a) Canadian, (b) challenging-but-not-too-challenging, and (c) I don't have a third point, but lists are best in threes. I'm considering buying the series on DVD so I won't be at the mercy of its sporadic airings. Maybe I will when I get a job and am not at leisure to catch strangely-scheduled TV shows.


Holly said...


Ummm... How 'bout an e-drink?

Holly said...

PS. I know what you mean about postpartum thesis woes. I got them, too, and about the same time. I think we get too wrapped up in being happy it's done for the first few months, then depression sits in for a while.

Psychologists talk about post-erection depression, as in the blue period some men experience after sex because they are afraid they will never have another erection... I think my blues were similar to that, as I was not sure I'd ever produce anything again.

Stupid sub-conscience.

Catherine said...

Yes, yes - thanks all for lovely emails begging me not to kill myself. I'm just in what my future biographers will call my "Blue Period." (Yes, Holly coined it.) The blue comes and goes as I try to decide how I'm going to make some money and, oh - you know - spend the rest of my life. Needless to say, it's overwhelming.

Holly said...

There's always life on the road as a carny. That's my back up plan.

Holly said...


The only province to give the Conservatives a complete shut-out!

That's it. I'm moving to Charlottetown as soon as I have degree in hand.

Save a place for us, Kitty!

John said...

Hey, Catherine, this is John.

Don't feel sad if you've got too much free time and don't know what you'll do next Catherine. Just keep in mind the wisdom of the Dao:

"Doing nothing and nothing is undone."

Laura said...

Well, Lynda and I had a thought about using some of that free time...what about a pod cast? You know we would totally listen to it, you still have readers who remember your column in the Cadre, so we could find other listeners easily! Mel would know how to set up, or Radio UPEI or something, and since you should be Shelagh Rogers sidekick, it would be some good practice in finding and interviewing fascinating people, telling smart stories, and showing your marvelous knowledge...

Catherine said...

Thanks for the sweet encouragement from KW, especially the never-before-heard-from John. You're welcome and so are your comments.

Laura - I'm interested. I'll do some research and talk to Mel. And you guys are sweet to think of me in a multi-media kind of way!