Thursday, January 26, 2006

It Goes To Show You Never Can Tell.

So my streak is unbroken. The canditate I vote for has never won the seat, nor has the party's leader become Prime Minister.

I don't really want to write a lot about our new ruling party. Maybe I'm still in the "hands-clasped-over-my-ears-rocking-and-humming-in-the-corner-manically-repeating-'this-is-not-happening -this-is-not-happening-this-is-not-happening'" phase of grief.

I actually have glimmers of optimism. After all, it has been 12 years since we’ve had a change. For the record, though, I will become a very squeaky wheel if Harper’s government starts making fiscal-based decisions regarding the environment. It makes me very angry that most political parties lack insight for the future but pop boners over the prospect of upping the GDP for the next year. The GDP is not a foolproof indicator of a country’s wealth. Also for the record, I think cutting the GST is a bad idea. I’m no economist, but even I know cutting taxes + spending more money = bad planning. I think a lot of the solutions to the nation’s problems could be addressed with some lateral thinking. But who the hell am I? An unemployed Easterner with too much education. Oy.

Mum and I went to Nova Scotia on Tuesday, hoping to do a little shopping and visit a couple of old ladies that are dear to my heart who live down in the Annapolis Valley. Unfortunately, when we arrived a moderate blizzard was forecast, so we came back the next day. Well, we did get a little shopping in – I mean, come on! I got a pair of panty hose from the Tall Girl store. That’s basically because I’m going back to work at the Confederation Centre. I have a couple of shifts a week all through February, and one this Saturday. I’m pleased simply because I can now plan on having money to pay for interest payments on my student line of credit. Oh, and in the end the blizzard moved to the south and barely hit Nova Scotia and PEI. Serves us right for travelling in the winter.

For the information of those who have not been to Nova Scotia/not been in years, it’s well. The margins of Halifax are beginning to look more and more like the clone housing tracts in Ontario, but the downtown is just the same. Driving the highway to Halifax from home, we could still see the spoils of Hurricane Juan two years ago. There are plenty of trees uprooted, all leaning in the same direction. Why clean them up, indeed. It is a natural process, after all.


Holly said...

You're right... This isn't happening. Harper didn't win. Canada isn't as stupid as the US. We'll all wake up and it'll have been a bad dream.


Erin said...

Wow, I totally have not been checking in -- didn't know you were on the Island!