Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Does This Really Still Happen?

What is this, the 80s? This definitately smacks of Full House.

Me: Hello?

Female Voice: Hello. I'm doing a survey. Do you prefer Sony PSP or the XBox 360?

Me: Neither.

FV: Really?

Me: Yeah.

FV: Uh... why?

Me: Uh, because I don't play video games?

FV: Is there anyone else in the house I can talk to who does?

Me: No.

FV: Why?

Me: Because I'm the youngest person in the house and my parents don't play video games.

FV: Are you sure?

Me: Um... Yeeees.

FV: Really? Because I think I saw them in my store the other day.

Me: And what store is that?

FV: Um... Blowjobs R Us.

Me: Oh yeah?

FV: Yes. Thank you very much and you have a blowjob day.


Ok, not totally DJ or Stephanie, but do people really still make prank phone calls? How gauche.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Man... And I thought our generation was lame. Oh well, height and nutrition rates are still on the rise, no?