Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Tis The Season To Sit In One's Own Filth.

Today I didn't shower. I didn't get dressed. I don't think I even brushed my hair. Nope, I didn't, I discover after trying to run my fingers through it. The closest thing to person hygene today was a quotidian tooth brushing.

I bought 6 movies yesterday at Blockbuster for the grand total of $40, and I watched three of them today while I sat and knit. Knat. Knitted. Anyhow, I watched Birth, with Nicole Kidman, which was a solid ok in my books. I also watched the remake of The Goodbye Girl with Patricia Heaton and Jeff Daniels. I still prefer the original with Richard Dreyfuss. This one wasn't very different from the original film at all. Well, they're both adaptations of a Neil Simon play, so I guess they wouldn't want to stray too far. Finally, I watched Charlie Chaplin's Monsieur Verdoux, which I'd seen before, but couldn't pass up on sale. None of my family members recognised him out of his Tramp costume. I mightn't have either.

Tomorrow I'm going to (a) shower, (b) get dressed, (c) venture outside. I think I'll visit my long-lost roommate Jeremy while he's in town.


Holly said...

YAY!!! Chaplin!

Ah ha ha! Another convert!

(Merry Xmas!)

Holly said...

Um... I think the season for showering is back.