Thursday, December 08, 2005

This Is Not Here.

It’s not even funny: I was debating the virtues of writing tributes on an anniversaries (especially ones that can be divided by five, i.e., the most important ones), and I turned on, as I often do. The first song they play (as I type this) is "The Ballad of John and Yoko."

It seems too "done" to write about John Lennon. I normally probably wouldn’t, because I hate doing things that are "done." But, this year, I’ve found my mind wandering to his death quite often. Strange, I suppose, considering he died before I could speak, or, more importantly, sing. Maybe that makes it harder - my generation was cheated. I guess it shouldn’t make me any sadder than any other person shot to death when he or she is 40, but I don’t know them. I didn’t have a relationship with all those others. I had a relationship with John Lennon. I still do. I intend to in the future, and my kids will have relationships with him, too. I think that’s the best I can to for a tribute.

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