Sunday, December 18, 2005

Some Serious Movie Watching. And Some Silly Ones, Too.

Holy cow, there's nothing as good as visiting Holly and John to get my movie prescription filled. What have I watched since I arrived? Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters, for one. I like Allen movies. Little character studies. Me likey. Holly wants to make brain babies with Woody, and I don't think there's much wrong with that.

We also watched The Cocoanuts and the previously-mentioned Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers. Both are very good. I can see why people were so influenced by them.

We all watched The Seven Year Itch, which I avoided seeing for years because I thought it was all about Marilyn Monroe and thought it would be annoying. It most certainly was not. It was excellent and I would whole-heartedly reccommend it to all.

John and I watched Star Wars Episode III, which is fitting since the other two times I've seen it was with him (and Mike and Holly and Mark, besides him, but John is now the one common denominator).

Then John and I watched the original Boris Karloff Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. I fell asleep in the last minutes of Bride, and therefore missed her, since we apparently don't see her 'til the end. Weird, huh? It reminded me of Rosemary's Baby when she wasn't even freakin' pregnant until 45 minutes in. Jeez.

I think that's it, but that's really a lot of movies in a short span of time. Holly is now working hard on her last paper, and John is done. I still want to see The Believer, but I don't know if I'll watch it before I leave for Toronto this afternoon.

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Holly said...

Thanks for coming, Cate. It was a blast. _The Believer_ will appear next time, I swear. It's pretty rare, but maybe you can find it to rent... They had it at a Rogers here in little bum town, so maybe it could be found anywhere at random.