Monday, December 12, 2005

Salt In The Wounds.

Did you know that the medical term for uncomplicated acne is acne vulgaris? Now, at 26, I understand its etymology – vulgaris means "common" or "ordinary" in Latin. We see that in the common Latin translation of the Bible, which was called "The Vulgate." It is the root of our word "vulgar," which now mostly means rude or indecent.

Now imagine you are 13 years old, unread in Latin, and staring at your first prescription bottle of topical acne treatment.

Talk about insult to injury.


Holly said...

Ranks right up there with rhinoplasty.

Catherine said...


Holly said...

I'll never understand how the medical establishment makes money off illness, and then procedes to make one feel bad if one is unhealthy, or is able to show such perfect distain for people who need their services.

It's sort of like paying tuition and then getting treated like crap every time you use a university service.

Anonymous said...

Lady Catherine! I miss you! I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago but I'm not convinced it arrived safely so I'm writing this message in the hopes that you will read it :) Can you send me your phone number? I want to catch up and hear your latest news! I'm plugging away at my last paper but very anxious to talk to you...I miss my favourite neighbour! Sarah