Monday, December 19, 2005


I arrived at the airport at about 8:45am. My flight was at 9:45am. The serpentine queue was filled, and I couldn’t find my confirmation number that would allow me to check in at the speedy kiosks. After digging for a minute or two, I decided I had enough time to wait out the line. I swung my bag to the end of the line, and who was there but a hometown celebrity who used to make my heart go pitter-pat. No, I’ve never flown with him before, which excludes the now-married (!) J.Mo. (Jimmy Morris, star of the UPEI Varsity Men’s basketball team). (God, that time I flew on the same plane as Jimmah he was wearing a pair of utterly disgusting jeans. Not quite dirty denim, but close to that wash, with insane OCD-rubbing distressing on the front and back of the thighs. I still kinda thought he was dreamy, but those jeans sure did take the shine off.)

This time it was the ever-lovely Mike Ross. I hadn’t seen him in a long time. Well, no – I guess I saw him briefly on-stage in the Charlottetown Festival production of Canada Rocks! this past summer. He was with Nicole, who I assume is still his girlfriend, if not his wife or some state in between. I sorta knew her from the UPEI music department. They both remembered me, if not my name, by association with the UPEI Wind Symphony and the Charlottetown Festival.

I used to have a big crush on Mike Ross. (Never just Mike – there are too many Mikes in my life to not differentiate.). I can still see why. He comes across as so kind. Sure, the fact that he’s mind-blowingly talented doesn’t detract. There’s something about brown eyes for me. I don’t really know a lot of people with brown eyes, so I find them very striking.

Anyhow, the three of us chatted about what we’re all up to (Mike’s acting in Toronto and Nicole is an accompanist at the U of T, and I’m an unemployed under-entertained Renaissance Woman, but you already knew that) and then conversation petered out. Great. A couple more twists of the serpentine with one of my non-celebrity mind husbands (who I’m pretty sure couldn’t remember my name), his girlfriend/wife, and nothing left to say. Still, it made me fuzzy inside to see people I knew so early in my homeward-bound travels.


Michelle (aka Rosey's other half) said...

what a lovely, lovely man. I'm jealous of your encounter, having admired him only from afar for so long.

Holly said...

Hope all is well on the Island.