Friday, December 16, 2005

The Circuitous Route Home.

I’m now in KW with Holls and John. John’s off writing an exam and Holly just finished her second-last paper of the term. Last night we watched Duck Soup for the first time. It was excellent. Holly keeps watching movies with me that turn out to be hilarious. Actually, I had wanted to see Duck Soup for quite some time. Groucho Marx’ character reminded me so much of Hawkeye Pierce. Oh, Hawkeye.

The train ride up was long, but good. I took the cue of the Will character from About A Boy. He fills his day with 30-minute units of time. I filled the 7-hour ride with 30-minute units of reading two books, jotting in a notebook and knitting a scarf for my sister. I wrote a short story about a cute guy sitting kitty-corner to me, and I had a talk with a cool lady from England who is a food critic for the Toronto Star. My butt didn’t fall asleep, but my knees started to ache from keeping them at a constant 45-degree angle.

On Sunday, I’ll head into Toronto for a supper with Marianne, sleep at her place, and not miss my flight home to Charlottetown on Monday morning. If I say I’m not going to miss my flight, then I won’t miss my flight, right? Positive thinking, yo.

I don’t know what we’ll do today. John has to study for another exam that’s up tomorrow, but I think we’ll walk up to the grocery store and get some foodstuffs. Then we’ll, oh, I don’t know… watch movies, or tv, or play games or whatever. I dunno.


Holly said...

I would like to state, for the record, that this was not my first time to see this film.

Catherine said...

No, of course not. Forgive my mushy description for that confusion.

mel said...

Watch out for that positive plane thinking plan. I tried that today and got home six hours late.