Monday, December 05, 2005

Can You Hear That Whistle Down The Line?

I got back from rockin' the T-Dot yesterday. I took my first Canadian train journey! It was very pleasant, really. I liked it a lot. And the husband of the lady I sat next to from Toronto to Kingston went to med school with my father at McGill in the mid sixties! How cool is that? That's kinda like the time I met a guy in St. James Park (or was it Hyde Park? on that bridge anyway...) in London, who went to school with Amanda Gallant at UBC. Lawrence, his name was.

So, here's the plan for me coming home for Christmas. On the 15th, I am taking the train again, this time up to Kitchener-Waterloo to visit Holly and John. Then, on the 18th, I head into Toronto to spend the night at Marianne's so I can get an early flight to Charlottetown on the morning of the 19th. Then I shall frolic in the snowbanks just like the Fathers of Confederation did that night they all indulged in some ye olde wassailing and ye olde binge drinking.

(Note: Historical accuracy is not the responsibility of the proprietors of this site.)

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Holly said...

Oh, there will be much frolicking... They really know how to wassle out here.