Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Ok, so it’s snowing. Not flurries like last week, but snow propre. All the Kanata cookie-cutter rooftops are white, and the grass is still green, but it’s now contrasted with a white background. When I walked by the window this morning (8am!*), I said, "oh!" and stopped walking. The romance of a first snowfall! It’s so Canadian! It’s the country going into dormancy for a season! Skating, skiing, angels and forts in snowbanks! Wee!

That rush of joyous emotion lasted 2 seconds, and then the mope started. It’s so effing cold! The chill gets under my skin! My hair gets messed up! I have to wear socks! Whinge, whinge, whinge! One good thing: Christmastime! I’m not that fond of any aspect of Christmas besides seeing my family and all the great music. I love Christmas music all year ‘round. I love hymns, commercial stuff, secular, religious, it’s just all so much fun! To come: a rant on some seasonal music.

*I applied for a great internship today. It’s at the CBC, which all my friends and/or readers know, is the Mecca of work for me. I saw the opportunity a month ago and got discouraged thinking about how many others would be applying, but then I realized that had a shot, and everyone always tells me I would kick ass at the Ceeb, so I couldn’t pass on a chance to get my foot in the door.

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Holly said...

YAY Snow! YAY Ceeb!

YAY Cafern's coming to visit!

That all actually brightens my mood quite a lot.