Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Jackpot Question in Advance.

Most people know I love Christmas music, and by Christmas music, I mean music usually played leading up to Christmas. My beef is: some music is played exclusively in November and December but has nothing to do with Christmas, but perhaps, more broadly, winter.

Exhibit A: "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" This is a sweet, romantic song. It’s intimate and a little wistful. I love it. The point is: does it only snow in the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas? Certainly not! Couples could be "still goodbying" on a snowy night in April!

Exhibit B: "Baby, It’s Cold Outside" Have you heard the Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton version? It’s the touchstone – the starting point, in my mind. All other versions are compared to this rendering. It’s perfect. Whimsical and horny – what a great combination! This, in my mind, should go down as one of the great duets in popular music. Tom Jones covered it on his album with Catatonia frontgirl/woman Cerys on his 2000 album "Reload" (it was in the 2 for £22 bin!). Mike told me he thought it was too smarmy. (And he calls me a prude!)

Exhibit C: "Fairytale of New York" Yes, this song takes place on Christmas Eve, but beyond that, it captures as much holiday spirit as Lethal Weapon. What it really is about is an abusive, dysfunctional, and drug-addled relationship. This drunk-tank argument is not the first or last for this couple. "You’re a bum, you’re a punk, you’re a old slut on junk." Hardly speaks to praising a virgin birth or messianic revelations, eh?

Finally, and my favourite,

Exhibit D: "What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?" This is another romantic song, and I’ve had fantasies about it for years. It involves a close dance with my sweetheart, usually at a warm summer wedding. We lazily dance at the end of the night and my beau (yeah, I said it, beau!) starting to softly sing this song in my ear. Melt! For a long time I wanted to incorporate this scene into my rom-com blockbuster screenplay, but as it’s not materializing at a pace I would like, I might as well illustrate my point with it.

My point: some songs are sadly relegated to 2-month play when there is no reason. Fight back! Defy the system! Enjoy these songs all year ‘round. They’re so great, you’ll thank me.


mel said...

Marlane and Wade (I think) actually say Baby It's Cold Outside at Late Night this summer. It was cute, but kind of weird.

mel said...

Whoops *sang

Christine said...

I take exception to your comment about Lethal Weapon. Watching Lethal Weapon WAS Xmas in my house. that and Die Hard. and sometimes Shogun.

Holly said...

You know, I think two months is enough of this... sorry.

However, people may leave their Xmas lights up all winter long... especially those of the purple, blue, hot pink or dark green variety.

So shall it be written. So shall it be done.

Holly said...

I would like to clarify: Two months means we appreciate it, but I worry that radio plays such tunes to death and may ruin them if they last more than two months.

However, I actually LIKE winter when I hear "Baby it's cold outside"...

OK, maybe you're right.

Happy Chrisma-Hanno-Kwanzaa, everybody!

(I'd like to add that Boney M's "Felicidad", which is actually about Xmas, does really go well with a cold beer on a hot summer's day... Even for me. Just a suggested addition to this winterfest tunes liberation movement.)

mel said...

have I mentioned I hate Christmas music? Weak dude.

Malls this time of year make me shudder.

Holly said...

Christmas music appears to have made its final decline with Neil Diamond's version of "Silent Night"... I can't even begin to access all that is wrong with THAT.

However, the separation of winter music from Xmas music may be a worthwhile investigation.

Rosey said...

My Christmas CD of the Rankin Sisters is one of my favourite CDs, but if I play it at any other time than the two months before Christmas people in my house swear and throw things at me.