Thursday, November 10, 2005

It’s The Little Differences.

Davinder is a classmate (friend?) of Mike’s from Mac. I called him Feodor for poops and giggles. I think I met him once and although I think I still remember what he looks like, and even though I know he wouldn’t know me from Adam (Eve?), I think he and I would get along, besides his constant references to comic books/graphic novels. Anyhow, by following Ben’s links, I started reading his blog very sporadically since this summer. This was the post that I knew he and I would be friends if Mike ever let me socialize with his classmates (we all know it was for the best he didn’t):


I’ve been loaning comics to my non comic reading friend John over the past few months, and a couple of days ago we sat down and watched a few episodes of Justice League Unlimited. I phoned him last night and had this conversation with him:

John: Hey, I downloaded a few more episodes of Justice League.
Davinder: Oh yeah?
J: Yeah. So who do you think the hottest superheroine is?
D: What?!
J: I think it’s the Huntress.
D: Dude, they’re drawings.
J: Come on, I won’t tell anyone. Who do you think the hottest superhero girl is?
D: What the fuck? Shut up! How did this happen?

More recently he wrote:

I was driving down my street the other night and these two guys, probably in their early twenties, were walking kind of on the side of the road ahead of me. As I got closer, the guy furthest from me heard my car, and without looking back or breaking stride reached over and took his friend by the arm and pulled him in a little, out of my way. Kind of like, "Hey, look out." I don't know, I guess you had to see it, but I thought the unconscious way he did it was sort of sweet.

I like when people notice those sweet little things that people are capable of doing. I sometimes think I’m broken and overly synical because I just take for granted that no one cares about anyone else like that anymore/here.

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