Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I Want To Be The CBC's Rick The Temp!

Do we all remember Rick Campanelli's rise to the position of VJ on Much Music? He hung around the CHUM building so much and took any shitty job he could just because he loved the place so much. Eventually, his perseverance paid off and he got his dream job: VJ on the Nation's Music Station. Me talking about Much is another rant, because I think there are some problems there, probably mostly related to me growing up and not caring how hott Usher is anymore.

Anyhow, I'm having difficulties even getting into the CBC to do the shitty work to prove I'm awesome and I should do something more creatively! I just submitted my tenth application for a job at the Ceeb. Tenth! If this was any other kind of service, I'd have my card stamped for the tenth time and get a job for free! I think I have to bite the bullet and think about more schooling. I want to work at the CBC, and I can do it now, but if they won't even look at me without certain credentials on my CV, I might have to go back to school. It's very frustrating, and I feel like I'm so done of school for now! Maybe it's a different kind of schooling that I need to re-invigorate myself. Radio programming. That's what I need.

Please, anyone who has any kind of ties to the Ceeb, let them know I'm awesome and keen and ready and willing to please! Or, ask them what is the exact perfect kind of schooling is to get me a job as a programmer on a great CBC radio show.

I'm not begging yet. Maybe that's at the 20 application mark.


Holly said...

I'm a listener and a tax payer... Is that enough of a "tie"?

Christine said...

How's about we start a petition? We, the undersigned, think Catherine is awesome. Hire her.

Holly said...

We'll take it to the streets, baby! Right on!

Catherine said...

Ok, here we go: Grassroots Central.
Orders of Business:
a)Get Catherine a rockin' job,
b)Get Arrested Development back on the air,
c)Get me a date (preferably tall and myopic).

Meeting adjourned.

Holly said...

OK, Sister Minister.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine! This is Jenn, just lurking over here and seeing your troubles with the Ceeb. What I know through Dave is that the radio/broadcasting business is a very incestuous one, and really the only way to get a good job in it is to know someone. Don't go the schooling route right away -- it is a running joke that noone who takes broadcast journalism is actually working in radio/television. It is VERY hard to get into the CEEB, but pretty easy to get entry-level sales/copyrighting/promotions gigs at private radio stations (You would be AWESOME as a copy writer --and it's a FUN job). The jobs don't pay well, but they would give you some experience for your CV and you can make some contacts and get your foot in there with Mansbridge. This site advertises all the private radio jobs in Canada http://www.milkmanunlimited.com/

If you are applying for any of these jobs let me know, I'll ask Dave if he has any names you can drop. His contacts are mostly around here, and in Ottawa and Toronto.
Good luck!

Catherine said...

Um, holy crap, Jenn, thanks so much! Who said I couldn't network?! Bwa-ha-ha! I'll look at the website right now and see what's available. You just keep on lurking and leaving helpful, topical messages!