Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Believe The Traditional Gift is Paper. How Ironic.

Oh my, how exciting. It’s my Blog’s 1st birthday! While I was wary and embarrassed a year ago, the thing turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a good distraction during my last year of grad school. It was nice to not have to write in formal academic style. Now I have the privilege of chronicling my stifling unemployment. Great.

I'd make a list of highs and lows, but that just wouldn't be a balanced list.

I accept cheques and chocolate as gifts. As soon as I get an address, I’ll let you all know where to send stuff.


Holly said...

YAY! I am the first to congratulate you!!!

Thanks for passing "blog fever" along- it's been great fun!

If you require paper gifts, what do I get for nine years???

I seem to think it's metal...

A switch blade?

Holly said...

Actually, it's pottery... OK, then... In honour of being in Waterloo, how about a giant crock stein?

Catherine said...

Shit! Blogratulations weren't enough?

Holly said...

I just thought, since you wanted cheques for your anniversary, there was no harm asking for a beer stein.

Christine said...

Congratulations Cafern!! Keep em coming!