Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Give Me Strength.

I’m going to Toronto tomorrow. My Aunt and Uncle are going up, so I’m catching a ride. I’ll spend a couple of days in the city with Marianne, and then catch a train or a bus back to Ottawa, since Jacky and Wendell don’t know how long they’re going to be in Toronto.

So… an election, eh? The politicians will soon be out kissing hands and shaking babies. Well, all I know is, I want to get out of Ottawa. I mean, this place is already politics-centric, but I think this is going to be a nasty, mud-slinging campaign, and I don’t need to see that. Last night, I sat and watched the government fall with Uncle Wendell and I earned tons of brownie points for my show of patience. He’s very opinionated and bombastic and abusive, but also very clever, so it’s difficult to have a reasonable conversation with him. I think I’m going to follow my Aunt Jacky’s lead and just not engage in discussions with him.

In my hypothetical trial, though, I think the jury would have found the attack just when they find out that my Uncle chose to attack one of my husbands, George Stroumboulopoulos. He called him a left-wing communist. I’m taking deep breaths, I’m serious. I’m so sick of the CBC being accused of being at least small-L liberal, if not forming an outright cabal with Paul Martin, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, and Larry Flint.

I have decided, though, that this is going to be my last mention of politics during the campaign.

No – let me say this: I really hope this doesn’t turn into an American-style campaign, replete with negative advertising. Concentrating on the negative aspects of an opponent is not the same as flaunting one’s own positive attributes. It’s cheap and offensive, in my mind. It tells me that the politicians do not think the voters can make up their own minds regarding the platforms and precedents of all involved, but we can be spooked and manipulated into voting a certain way. Negative ads only appeal to voters who don’t give themselves enough credit to trust their own intelligence, and it insinuates that the parties think the voters are dim and impressionable. Maybe some are. Maybe most are.

Ok, now no more politics. Lots more Stroumbo, though.


Holly said...



Like the World Series, only more special cause it only happens once in a while!

So, yeah, not my last word on politics, so come to my blog for updates.


"Get Up! Stand Up! Be Counted!"

mel said...

how can you be a right-wing communist?

Catherine said...

Shit. Thanks, Mel, good eye! I'll change that now.

Holly said...

DON'T change it! Let people wonder...

Anna Capoeirista :D said...

was reading my friend's blog and randomly decided to check out urs, perhaps was looking for an excuse not to study ;).
if u stick in TO till Sunday and get a chance to check ur blog, perhaps we could get a lunch together, coz i am planning to be in the city for the weekend, it would be great to see you again.
And PS: you would have to get in line, lady, for marrying George "The Longest Last Name Ever" coz I have been on a list for a loooooooong time, and I am willing to fight for my "happiness" ;) :D!!!