Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ginger Men, Brave Ladies.

Who else loves MythBusters? It’s a great show on the Discovery Channel that strives to recreate urban legends situations to see if the myths are plausible. This is how the website describes it: "That's right, they do more than explain how something may or may not be scientifically possible. Through trial and error they actually demonstrate it."

This show indulges a few of my weaknesses: science, movie tricks (the hosts are movie special effects guys), humour, and red-headed men. This show must have a huge budget. You must check it out if you haven’t already.

I’m watching Rosa Parks’ funeral out of DEE-troit. It’s awesome to watch! Screaming preachers, solemn speakers, rousing gospel, history, history, history. Can you imagine? Put yourself in her place. Shit. Bill Clinton said something along the lines of, "Isn’t it funny that she was supposed to give up her seat in the place that demands men give up their seats for ladies?" There’s a guy on now listing how to say "thank you" in dozens of languages. People are laughing, crying, hopping and hooting and hollering. Please, may our WASPy funerals evolve to this kind of celebration of a person’s life, as opposed to a mourning of a person’s death.

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Holly said...

It's weird when we see things passing from "Current Events" into "History"...

The Smoking Gun now has Rosa Parks' mugshot, lost for decades, in their collection. What a lady!