Friday, October 28, 2005

Miramichi Roads, Take Me Home.

I’ve not been kidnapped. Aunt Jacky and Uncle Wendall are in England. Dad’s on his way back from Toronto, and Mum is hemming three pairs of pants for me (two too short and one too long(!)). I mostly spend time hunting for jobs when I’m online, so I’m not doing a lot of posting. So, no, I’m not yet employed, but boy, you should see all the postings on CBC! Check out the job page to see! Usually, meaning pre-lockout, there was one job posted every day or two, but lately, there have been almost 20 positions posted every day! Unfortunately, most of them are IT positions, but I’m applying for everything I can.

This week, I sent in an application to Nelvana, the great Canadian animation company. Another application went to Canadian Blood Services, and the constant things being sent to CBC. I’m putting together stuff for King’s College and St. Mary’s, both in Halifax.

I had a little panic this week because I don’t want to be one of those Maritimers that wants to go back home, but only after they make a little money, so they get a job, and then a raise, and then a husband, and then a promotion, and then a kid, and then a house in some cookie-cutter suburb, and a position on the PTA, and blah and blah and blah. It’s a big sooty Upper Canada snowball where some day I dream about retiring to Prince Edward Island. I don’t want to retire to Prince Edward Island – I want to work there and play there and be on the PTA on PEI! I want my socks to turn pink when I play softball, and I want to whiff manure when the wind is right, and I want to be proud of my home. I think I’ll still feel transient if I settle here.

Mum and Dad are leaving tomorrow, and my aunt and uncle are away for a little while, so I imagine I’ll have more time to post this week. The computer is in my Uncle’s office/den/hidey-hole, so I don’t like sitting in here for extended periods of time while he’s watching ROBTV and calling Jack Layton the "scum of the Earth," note the quotes.

Finally, some (bad?) news about Queenie. She, um, took a little septic swim, care of my Mum. I’m not sure how she got into the toilet, but she’s gone. Meh. I kinda liked having another girl around, but I like her gone better.

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Holly said...

We won't be home again, either, until we hit the east. Until then we wander...