Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've Got Friends In Low Places.

a) My Pets,
b) Science!
c) Unemployment B Gone,
d) The Creek.

a) I have two pets. They are spiders that are too big to kill. They're just garden spiders - black, wily, they don't seem to climb or spin webs. I've named the bigger one Stewart (Stewie), and the smaller one is Joey. I don't see Joey as much. I give them the finger every time I see one, and I say, "Hi Stewie! I hope you die!"

b) In the interests of scientific exploration, I decided not to comb or brush my hair after getting out of the shower to see how it would end up once it dried. This is mostly because I've lost my wide-toothed comb somewhere in this house and I don't want to search anymore. An hour after I got out of the shower, I checked out my experiment's progress and decided to abort. I looked like I was wearing a nasty piece of cheesecloth or something. It's gone now - I brushed it. Another scientific advancement foiled by aesthetics.

c) This is the week I've been putting my back into hunting for jobs. I'm having a hard time with my account on, and all the jobs I want require a degree in journalism or design. I guess I have to apply anyway and see what comes of it. I hate hate hate writing cover letters, as I've mentioned before.

d) TBS has moved Dawson's Creek from 10-noon on weekdays to just one episode at 9am. I like this - I can get my day started earlier. Like Nutella, I was getting too much of a good thing.

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Holly said...

I understand.
When I was doing my thesis, I used the PBS show Booba as a way to get my day started- it was at 6am, and there is no way to get back to sleep after that hella freakish display.