Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Am The Gatekeeper.

I sat down to enjoy Arrested Development tonight and it was not on. Baseball was on. Ok, fine, I figured it was preempted for the week, but
no - this is a month-long deal.

It's the Autumnal Jockitch Playoff Marathon, everyone! Let's all come out and watch overpaid Peter Pans suppress their 'roid rage so little Timmy can learn about fair play and dedication! Fair play? Dedication? Know what? I think it's unfair that Fox is not dedicated to the "Arrested Development: Mondays at 8ET" banner that's wiped all over their website! Here and there, there are cryptic messages of "Mondays after baseball," or "Returning October 31st," or, worse, "Returning November 7th."

I. Am. Now. Taking. Many. Deep. Breaths.

I went to a Thanksgiving thing yesterday at my Aunt Signe's. Uncle John K. was there, my cousin Stefan and his life partner Julie, my sister and her Mike, and my cousin Kristina. We drank lots of wine, ate lots of deliciousness (non Nutella-related), then played Pictionary. It reminded me of the epic Pictionary games I used to play with Anders and our friends. Anders and I had a system. We won a lot. I can't say more.

Tomorrow: let the resumes fly!

Ghostbusters is on TBS. I'm all about the Bill Murray.


Holly said...

Think about me when you watch Ghostbusters, and the once-nice Palace theatre.

Christine said...

I still get emails from the palace, I can't get off their bloody mailing list.
How goes the job hunt Cafern?