Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What I Do With My Days.

This house is palatial. It’s for two people, and even then, it’s awfully big. The phone rang at the other end of the house yesterday and I had to run to get it in time. That there’s enough room in this house that I can get to a speed that one could call "a run" means something. In my old place, I might have been able to "stride purposefully" before I hit the other end of my apartment, but no faster than that. I hope someday I can afford a place that I’m comfortable in, but I’m thinking more like a loft or something (The picture in my head? The set of John Mayer’s Your Body Is A Wonderland video.).

I’m going through a strange time of contentedness. I’m quit of my MA, I’m quit of Hamilton, and I’m on my own without being in anyone’s way. Sure, I have no income, but I have a little bit of time before I get desperate and call my MP for work.

I went for a walk yesterday and I noticed how great it smells here. Someone was mowing a lawn, which reminds me of summer, my father, and my grandparent’s place in Newfoundland. Summer makes sense - it's the only time people mow lawns, really. My father, well, we have a corner lot on PEI and Dad dedicates a lot of his time to tending to the lawn. The Newfoundland connection? We used to go visit for two weeks every summer, and it still brings me back to playing in Grandad and Gran’s shed in the backyard. The shed was tiny, but housed all the outdoor toys and Grandad’s lawnmower, so everything that came out of the shed reeked of gasoline and mulched lawn. Now that smell reminds me of my youth. Breathe deep.

My everyday:

Ok, first of all: "Dawson’s Creek" is on every weekday from 10am-noon. The Creek (or, on PEI, "The Crik") is not even a guilty pleasure – I’m proud of my dedication. I love that show. Then, I’ve been happy to discover that "What Not To Wear" is on every day at noon. No, I’m not just sitting in a daze for these 3 hours. There’s a TV next to my uncle’s computer, so I listen/watch while I check emails and e-search for jobs. Online searching for jobs blows. Hah. Hm.

Ok, it's almost 1pm, so I should go start my day. What's so bad about unemployment anyway?

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