Friday, April 01, 2005

Tra-la-la! Financial Ruin!

Today I got some backpay that our strike negotiations got we TAs. I had it spent before I got my paystub. This morning I hit Shopper’s Drug Mart. Hard. I’m pretty sure I’m officially a stockholder now.

Um, and I also ordered some shoes from JCrew. They are foxy and practical. They have a very low heel, which is perfect for we amazons.

Movies soon to be reviewed:
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
Sense and Sensibility
Monsieur Verdoux
, Modern Times and The Circus


Rosey said...

Oooh! Me likey shoes! Tell me more! What colour are they? Are they sandal-ey or more shoe-ey?

Catherine said...

My shoes (that I expect to arrive today) are red, 2-piece, pointy-toed, ankle-strapped chunks of heaven. I hope they're as nice on my feet as they are in the catalogue. If you want to see them, go to (or follow my link called "Money Pit"), and search for item #65663.

Holly said...

Hey!! Where are the promised reviews for the Charlie pics?? Damn thesis- always gets in the way, eh?

Holly said...

Umm... I think this thing just created a blogg for me. As I have only a slight idea of what that is, I'm gonna' say that's a bad thing... Whaddaya want from me, I've just caught up to the fifties!!!