Monday, April 18, 2005

Everybody Limbo!

I hate not knowing what I’m doing next year. I’ve been scouring the ‘net for job postings, but I don’t know how fruitful that will be. I think a good plan might be to find a company I’d like to work for, and submit a general resume and cover letter. Well, it might not be a good plan, but it’s a plan.

I’d like to work for someone who is socially responsible, environmentally focussed, culturally dedicated, and/or artistically driven. That’s easy, right? PG&E! Sigh.

I do not want to be an Admin. Assistant or general office worker, but someone who has challenges and responsibilities. (Not to say Admin. Assistants don’t have responsibilities, but I don’t think it would fully play to my strengths and educational background.)

Anyhow, keep your ears to the ground for jobs that I could kick ass at. I’m good with people, I work well in a team, I can think on my feet, and I’m a practical problem solver.

I don’t do windows.


Laura said...

Well, it's official-there was an internal posting for 'Front of House Manager' on the Box Office bulletin board this afternoon asking resumes and letters of intent to Terry by Wed. afternoon.
In other news, saw a copy of 'Fever Pitch' at the Book Emporium today and thought of you!

Catherine said...

Um... a return to the FOH. I'm not sure that could be categorized as an upward move. I do look awesome in a suit, though...

Laura said...

...I'm pretty sure the man in the tux who's been running things all year has the job. They had to post it for 'Union' reasons. (But yes, FOH uniforms are great, I love my little vest!)

mel said...

Did tony switch to a tux while I wasn't looking? wow that guy's a stud. and uhm, laura, I may be the infamous vestless usher, but even I wasn't as excited as you sound to get a complete uniform. Pantyhose is just too traumatic of an experience for me to enjoy. :P