Saturday, March 12, 2005

Double Feature.

I watched Dodgeball and I Robot last night. One was quite good. One was very not. And they’re probably not the way you’d expect.

Dodgeball was total shit. I didn’t care about anything that happened. Not the characters, not the conflict, not even the actors. In fact, in the place of saying I didn’t care, let me revise that to say I hated them. I now hate Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, his wife whose name I forget, and any other git who had the misfortune of being associated with this movie. (Except Hank Azaria. He’s awesome.)

I Robot was pretty cool. It wasn’t hard to follow, there were some stock choices in the script, though. Like the police captain who didn’t believe Will, the little girl who died, the robot that came to life with a calm British accent. Why do robots always have British accents (save HAL from 2001)? Is it because we want to enslave the Brits? Or is it that we hope that our slaves all sound like Alec Guinness?

So please, please, please don’t see Dodgeball. I wager a lot of you have seen it already, so all I can say is sorry. I’m so sorry. For those of you who have seen I Robot, it wasn't bad, eh? Did you spot the "Ah hell, nah!" nugget. It's in most of his movies.

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