Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bending Over and Taking It.

I'm having a hard time with something.

Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurts?

Yeah, right now I've totally worked myself into a lather because I want to work for the CBC so desperately. I have to write a cover letter and submit my resume, but I don't know where it start. Basically, this is what it would read if I wrote it now:

Dear CBC,
I love you. I've been a fan way before I was of an age when it was cool. Hell, it's still not cool. I'm willing to start at the bottom, just to have a chance to work for the company that has so much history, talent and patriotism wrapped up in one crown corporation. Thinking about you makes me weep.
I'll pour The Mansbridge's coffee. I'll clip Shelagh's fingernails. I'll lovingly comb gel through Rick Mercer's curls and I'll do any number of unmentionable things for Stroumboulopoulis.
In conclusion, I'm willing to grab my ankles for you every day 9-5. It's hard to find that kind of dedication.
Think about it.
Catherine S. Sweet.



mel said...

uhm, the response you might get from that could be more along the lines of a restraining order and not a job offer. I'd keep fine tuning. Any idea what city you want to work at? Applying somewhere instead of to the national entity may help your resume make it to the top. But hell, what do I know? I've been looking for a crappy job for a year and still haven't found one.

Rosey said...

Oh my gosh Catherine, I think you would be absolutely perfect to work at the CBC! I can totally picture you as the next Shelagh Rogers.

Catherine said...

Augh! Ro, I know!!! It's so crap, because I know I'd be so great there, in whatever capacity they'd give me (to start), but my words are absolutely failing me. For real, though, I'm not even that fussed about being a broadcasting "personality," as long as I can work under the CBC umbrella.

One of my friends here said I had to stop thinking of it as the end-all-and-be-all or I'll never get in. She said when I think of it like, in the process, I belittle myself. Maybe.