Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Post-Mortem.

Ok, the Oscars are over. I sat at Mike's eating homemade garlic fingers (they don't make them in Upper Canada) and drinking cider. I don't know why, but for some reason "train wreck" comes to mind when I think of this year's awards.

It seemed a little sloppy. I can't decide if I liked Chris Rock as host or not. I didn't like that he introduced guests by insulting them. He kept it fairly clean, though. I missed the first 15 minutes because I thought it started at 9pm and Mike and I were watching "Arrested Development." So, I didn't hear all of the monologue.

I didn't like the whole "let's bring all the nominees onto the stage" thing. It made it feel like they were being picked for dodgeball or something. I didn't mind the ones that were presented from the audience, though. Good for Jeremy Irons for being funny after Rock implied that he didn't have it in him.

Ok, I'll bite the bullet and discuss the awards. I hated how Million Dollar Baby was directed. It was all so predicable and repetitive. It was like: "Check me out! I'm directing a drama! Shadows, darkness, and stark lighting: check, check, and check!" I thought Mystic River was way better. Fine, I don't care that it won Best Pic. I agree with Melanie when she says she wasn't all that moved by it. Neither was I. It was my third favourite. I knew Sideways wasn't going to get it, but it would have been a great upset.

Jamie Foxx, yup. Fine.

The Swank: worst acceptance speech ever.
False emotion + bland = reflexes contrary to swallowing.

Cate: Yay on Cate getting this. She looked gorgeous, her speech was humble and lauditory, and she deserved it. I would have also liked to have seen Virginia Madsen up there for a kick, but meh.

Morgan Freeman's awesome, but I hated this role. I think it's one of those we love him, let's give him an Oscar, anyway, situations. If it was that type of award, I'd rather give it to Alan Alda.

Meh. That'll do for my commentary. I was glad I'd seen all the best pic picks. Still, I have to see Hotel Rwanda, Vera Drake, and Closer.


mel said...

I generally find chris rock's humour pretty hilarious, but his, "why is it white folks do this?" type joke doesn't really suit the event. Plus, no one will ever measure up to the Billy Crystal I've grown to love.

I remember when they handed out the first award with the people standing in a line behind them, I thought, "oh good lord, that's so awkward I hope they don't do that for everything." I think that and the awards from the crowd (which I agree, was so much better) was done to shave time off the night. Less time spent waiting for the documentary short winner to walk to the stage from the nosebleed section. Missing the first fifteen minutes was probably for the best if you weren't a fan of chris not so subtly insulting people that's basically all he did.

Laura said...

Just for the record: we pick teams in dodgeball by the scientific one-two system. At least we all feel equal.
Notice how that preceeded any comment about the Oscars. It was rather, meh, the show was so streamlined to be almost boring. Where were the homages to the best picture nominees? The orchstra playing over the lengthy speeches or variety in the actual musical numbers? The long walks to the podium to let you see the crowd, or closeups of the non-winners? It was a pretty controlled show- even the dresses were in muted tones!
Bring back Billy with his glitz and glam, singing and dancing! It's Hollywood!