Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Finding Neverland.

'Pauvre moi,' dit L'Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

So, Finding Neverland was nominated for Best Picture this year. How hard up were the folks at the Academy? I thought there were some clever bits, but overall, it came out a little lame. I did, as always, enjoy The Depp, but ugh -- children actors can be so hit or miss. There were 4 child actors in this movie, so the odds were bad. Kate Winslett was ok, though. Oh, and Dustin Hoffman proved he had a Peter Pan complex by making appearances.

There were some neat parts where J.M. Barrie had epiphanies occur to him from day to day that led to bits in Peter Pan. I always like watching movies about writers. I like watching them quietly work and think. It's quite inspirational.

Overall, the look was pretty soft and green and summery. The Depp had a pretty great (to my ear) Scottish accent, too.

So, I'd say unless you're a big fan of The Depp, or a big fan of Peter Pan, I wouldn't rush to see this movie. Or, if you're like me and have only seen (now) 2 of the 5 movies nominated for best picture and you're one of those that likes to see all of them, well, you know the drill, then.

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