Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Birthday.

On my birthday, my classmate Lily drove Mike and I into the city. We wandered for a bit, I showed Mike the Capoeira school, we briefly visted Anders' friend Jan and her boyfriend Andrew and they kindly directed us about. Then we made our way towards Much Music. The Environment was very quiet, being Saturday, and much to my disappointment, Justin Timberlake was not making a special appearance that day. We had a good lunch at the Bishop and the Belcher, which no one will remember was the pub Mike and I drank at while Marianne enjoyed seeing the Beastie Boys live for the first time. Shadrach!

We then went to the Royal Ontario Museum (The ROM) and wandered for a few hours in there. I love museums, and I'm looking forward to next week's museum stalking in Ottawa. We didn't get to the Egyptian or Greek wings because it was getting later and Mike was getting thirsty. For those of you don't know, Mike's body and spirit begin to fade with an hour of not having water. We left and found a drugstore for water and first-aid tape to bind the already-forming blisters on my feet.

We then found a bookstore that had only text- and academic books. It was called Atticus and was very cool. From there we set out to find the proper restaurant for supper. I knew there was a Spring Rolls accross from the movie theatre playing Million Dollar Baby, but I wasn't sure exactly where it was. We found a Spring Rolls, but it wasn't the right one, and then we had to get on the Subway again to go south to the proper one. By then, my feet felt like bloody stumps. That happens...

Supper was great at Spring Rolls, as usual, and then we saw the movie. See review below. We caught the 12:30am bus back to the Hammer, and I was in bed asleep by 2am. I was sleepy after a quite eventful and satisfying evening.

This birthday narrative might sound boring, but no, my friends, it was not. Last year I spent the night before my birthday marking shitty undergrad papers all night long. I did eventually get into the city to see Mare, but I was dead tired. Oh, yeah, this year my classmates threw me a very casual sorta-birthday thing the night before. It was really sweet. I think I might just miss these folks when I leave. I won't miss them enough not to go, though, that's for sure.


Rosey said...

Happy late birthday my love! I can't wait to see you in a few days. We are going to have *such* an awesome time in Otown.

mel said...

not if I have anything to say about it! mwahahahahaha!!!