Tuesday, January 18, 2005

No Way I'm Leaving the Apartment Today.

It's so fudging cold. Usually my apartment is uncomfortably warm -- hot, if you will. Last night I got back from my horrible tutorial to find it a little cool here, especially in the kitchen. I called our super (Seamus) and left a message saying we had no water, it's a little cold and the pipes have been banging the last couple of days.

I got up this morning and it was no longer cool in the kitchen, it was full-on cold. We still have no water in the kitchen, but we do have water (h&c) in the bathroom. I also found a very curious thing in the sink -- a drip that had frozen to the sink. I called Seamus again to fill him in, and he said someone left the utility room door open last night and the water had frozen in the pipes. Luckily, the pipes did not burst, but he's got to be gentle in the next few hours to not change their temperature too rapidly.

So, the bottom line is, no way in hell am I going to leave my apartment today. It's cold in here and it's cold out there (-21, with -29 windchill), so I'm going to boil the kettle, make a hot water bottle (Hotwater Bottle?) and a cup of tea and cuddle in my bed and read and not play on Ebay.

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