Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lardy, Lardy, Look Who's Fat. I Mean, Forty. No... Fat.

So… the fatness.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t lose more weight this fall. I guess I did abandon WW (Weight Watchers) in early October. That couldn’t have helped. BUT I thought since Capoeira was kicking my ass I’d be ok nonetheless. I was wrong. I weigh the exact same I did when I left in September.

Maybe muscle replaced the lard. Or some of the lard. I feel so much better, though – so much stronger and healthier. I don’t get winded doing regular things, like saving people from drowning in icy lakes, or scaling rock faces, or working towards cold fusion.

Anyhow, the point is: This is my semester. This year is kicking off me being more fit. There’s no point of being so tall if I can’t be a total fox. I’m wasting a privilege here! So: to fox it up, I’m going to lose some weight. No more stupid eating. That means chocolate, that means pizza, that means cheese. More fruit and veg and less bread. The bread sandwiches were silly, come to think of it. See below for recipe.

Mike et al are training for a marathon this year. I’m going to set up a blog for them to track their progress, so watch for the link. I think I will also train, but not for the marathon. I don’t like running. I find it hard on my knees, and then I can’t play Capoeira to my ass-kickingest.

I saw Lemony Snicket on Wednesday night. It was really quite good. I would recommend it.

Mike’s gone now, which is a little strange. I’m used to having him around, like my daemon (see His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman). I have to get used to it (this being alone feeling), I guess, because who knows where I’ll be next year.

I'm still in Stratford. I go back to Hamilton on Saturday. TAing is already a chore, as classes started on the 3rd! So, I missed the first class and the prof is on the warpath. She's a bit of a gorgon, anyway. Sigh.

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