Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Land Time Forgot.

I have no idea how people get stuff done.

I spent the day preparing for a tutorial, and in the end, I didn't even finish reading the chapters, had to steal notes from a classmate, and the tutorials were accordingly sucky. I probably offended people -- that's easy to do in Religious Studies. I think I compared faith and reward to the phenomenon of Santa Claus. The emails will roll in.

Today I passed in my thesis proposal, or, as Mike calls it, my feces proposal. It only took long enough. Happily, all my classmates haven't started writing theirs and aren't getting it in until February 14th. So I guess I'm a little ahead of the curve.

My classmate Kristen and I have made a tandem-going deal. We're the only 2 MAs in the Western field (anthropological crap) at Mac, so we're going to watch each other's backs. We've made a deal to make weekly goals for ourselves, meet on Thursdays, and discuss. We've also made the proviso that if we do not fulfill our goals, we must buy the other a drink. I said I'd finish 2 books I'm halfway through, read another whole book, and review + take notes on 3 of my fieldwork interviews.

It seemed doable before I farted away the weekend having a crib throwdown and playing on Ebay.

So, the bottom line is, this team effort with Kristen thing is going to help me fulfill one of my New Year's Resolutions: to drink more.

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