Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm Back In The Game Today.

I really did myself a disservice on Saturday night. I went drinking over at Alisha and Kristin's place, and I was so hung over yesterday, I didn't even go to Capoeira at 5pm. Well, my knee has been hurting for a week, too, and I didn't want to push it. Really, it was mostly because I couldn't bear the idea of my brain rattling around in my skull any more than it already was. I made Sweet Oblivion, which for those of you from Charlottetown will recognise, is both poison and a delight. Yeah, I made 3 pitchers of that. It wasn't all for myself, but I had a lot.

Today: marking weekly assignments and reading for the tutorial, and then preparing it. It should be good this week: the reading's on the monastic order of Scientology. Who knew that existed?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Another Thought.

I wanted to get my hair cut. Now I can't. I can't set foot in a beauty establishment looking like the grown-up equivalent of a 4-year-old finding a pair of scissors. Oh, I really wanted a haircut. Moan.

Amateur Browser.


Holy shit! I was feeling fairly fabulous today. Yes I was. I went to a Reiki clinic this afternoon, and I was feeling quite relaxed after that, so I came home and watched an hour of Sex and the City. In my fabulousness, I decided it was time for a little eyebrow grooming. I am one of those unfortunates whose eyebrows are quite long, so an occasional trim with small, sharp scissors does the trick.

Oh, the shame.

I zigged when I should have zagged, and now I have this =shudder= obviously shorter -- no, nearly-bald -- section near the centre of the left brow. Oh, I'm just withering inside. I tried to cover it with an eyebrow pencil, but I look like Uncle Leo when Elaine tried to draw his brows on for him.

It serves me right for allowing myself to feel fabulous. I should have known that would come back to bite me in the ass.

That's it. I'm cutting bangs.

Friday, January 28, 2005

So I Took A Drunk Guy From The Bus Home With Me Tonight...

Isn't it funny how your day can end up being totally different than what you thought it would be like?

I farted around this morning, only to get to the office to find my friend Kristin freaking out because they've moved the last deadline for thesis proposals to the 2nd of February from the 14th. It was a little difficult to sympathize with her, all the while ignoring the voice in my head telling me to dance and sing, "I've already submitted mine, I've already submitted mine, nah nah nah nah nah!"

Then I went to a theatre thing that my friend Rubens invited me to. It was called "Theatre of the Oppressed" or something. It was a little flaky. It wasn't a watching theatre, but a participatory theatre. We had to sing and dance and pretend we were lumberjacks and play air-swordfights. Not my thing, but somewhat fun. The "facilitator" was young and nervous and not smooth at all, so it was kinda sweet in that way, and therefore redeeming.

At about 7pm, I got on the bus and this tall guy got on and pushed my leg to get my attention. He then proceeded to talk inappropriately loud and close. There's no way to dress it up - this guy was drunk. I thought he was kinda cute and vulnerable, so I did the only thing any other girl in my position would do: I took advantage. I said, "Wanna go grocery shopping with me?"

FYI: Never go grocery shopping with Mike when he's drunk.

We got a cab back to my place and (although he maintains he fell asleep,) he passed out on my bed. I put in a lasagne and did some dishes. When the lasagne was cooked I woke him up to eat. We ate and chatted, and then he went home to plan tomorrow morning's tutorial, which promises to be a doozie.

Me, Ima go to bed now. I have to get up early and do some reading. Bah.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Past The Point of No Return.

I went to Toronto yesterday because Anders was there on his way back from Florida to Halifax, where he lives now. He and his friend Jan and I went shopping, I bought tons of undies (in memory of shopping with Marianne in TO), then we went to supper at Spring Rolls (hm, also the one Mare and I went to before the Beastie Boys concert -- there are a lot of Marianne memories in the TDot. I guess that's good!), then to Phantom of the Opera at the Rainbow Cinemas accross the street. The movie was ok. It's more than a meh, less than a recommend. Don't bother renting.

Not much else is going on. Mike and I are trying/scrambling for something to do over "Spring" Break, and since Prague (the original plan) is a little out of our price range, we're thinking of going somewhere a little more domestic. Like, in Ontario. I think Timmons, but he wants to see James Bay. Something about riding a Polar Bear... I dunno.

Now I'm trying to talk myself out of ordering a pizza. Ahhh... pizza. NO!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'm Not Built For This.

It's about -30 again today. I hate hate hate this. I walked up to Mike's yesterday in the middle of the storm and I was afraid my forehead and cheeks would actually freeze. Same thing on the way home. (The good news is, I skunked him twice in one day! Oh my! And we watched Fargo, which I had totally forgotten, and was awesome.)

Today I have to do a load of laundry, which means getting all decked out in winter woolies because the laundry room is two buildings over. I have Capoeira tonight, too, and that means I have to go and wait for busses. Jebus.

Capoeira on Friday was really good -- Mestre Bola isn't back yet, but a new-to-us student of his taught. His name was Curiosu and he was really good. I wonder when/if I'll get my Capoeira name? It's very organic, so you never know. There's one guy called Banana, which is unfortunate. Mestre Bola's master's name is Mestre Barrao, which means "Master Big Stick." I love that. So cool.

Oh, and a little bit of fun is Anders is in town this week. I'm a little insane busy this week, but I'll take a night to go in and see him.

Gotta go get laundry.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tying Up Loose Ends.

I've realized there've been a lot of disjointed posts from me lately, so I think I'll spend a little bit of time doing some housekeeping.

I'm better. The Mac Hospital lab never called to tell me I have Ebola, so I guess I don't have Ebola. Hm. I guess Dr. Sandy Alexander was right and it was just a virus. It felt like Ebola, but I guess I don't have an MD.

We now have water. It was on that night at about 6pm, but I was on my way up to Mike's by that time for pizza, a shower and a movie (Se7en). His showerhead's so low! I was in a surfer's pose trying to rinse, so I don't envy him, 4" taller than me. Se7en was good, early Gwynnie and Brad, and, well, Morgan looked the same. Mike insists that Brad is not a good actor, but I'm indifferent. I have not, one should take into account, seen Troy.

I ran into Amy Morrison at the gym on Sunday. I was there for Capoeira and turned the corner and saw her. It was a little strange, like I was out of time or place or something. She's here doing Occupational Therapy with Jenn Niell, another blast from the past. She took my #, but I didn't get hers. I guess I can exercise some sort of Grad Student Intelligence Clearance and get it from records. Or 411.

It looks like my friend Christine has pnemonia. This sucks because she's TAing with me in Cults, and if she's not around, I'll have more of a chance of being burderned with her students (weasels). Oh, and her lungs are full of fluid. That's more important -- I should have written that first.

One of my students is the live-action Comic Book guy. He is a dick and he makes me uncomfortable and tries to show off in class by dropping oh-so-clandestine RS lingo, like hajj. Sigh. He hovers after class to talk and he's icky and gives me the jibblies.

And finally, I have started a charm bracelet. Not a clicky one, but one of the old-school dangly ones. My Mum has one, and I've always thought it looked really cool because all the little charms mean something to her. That's nice. SO, that's why I've been playing on Ebay. The charms are not terribly expensive, but there are a lot I want, so it's been hard to choose the ones I'm starting with. I thought I'd get ones for all the places I've been, for stuff I've done or things I enjoy, but that would cost me about $400,000, so it was very pared down. I'll update on the charms I've bought once they arrive. Zippity!

Finally finally: a warning. Do not, do not, get White Snake's "Here I Go Again On My Own" stuck in your head. It may be the last song you sing before you take your own life. Did you know my friend Jackie has a White Snake jacket? Yeah, she's a big fan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Water Update.

Now we don't have water at all, kitchen or bathroom, cold or otherwise. This is unfortunate because I really have to pee and there's no water in the toilet to flush it. If I was living on my own this wouldn't be such a big deal...

No Way I'm Leaving the Apartment Today.

It's so fudging cold. Usually my apartment is uncomfortably warm -- hot, if you will. Last night I got back from my horrible tutorial to find it a little cool here, especially in the kitchen. I called our super (Seamus) and left a message saying we had no water, it's a little cold and the pipes have been banging the last couple of days.

I got up this morning and it was no longer cool in the kitchen, it was full-on cold. We still have no water in the kitchen, but we do have water (h&c) in the bathroom. I also found a very curious thing in the sink -- a drip that had frozen to the sink. I called Seamus again to fill him in, and he said someone left the utility room door open last night and the water had frozen in the pipes. Luckily, the pipes did not burst, but he's got to be gentle in the next few hours to not change their temperature too rapidly.

So, the bottom line is, no way in hell am I going to leave my apartment today. It's cold in here and it's cold out there (-21, with -29 windchill), so I'm going to boil the kettle, make a hot water bottle (Hotwater Bottle?) and a cup of tea and cuddle in my bed and read and not play on Ebay.

The Land Time Forgot.

I have no idea how people get stuff done.

I spent the day preparing for a tutorial, and in the end, I didn't even finish reading the chapters, had to steal notes from a classmate, and the tutorials were accordingly sucky. I probably offended people -- that's easy to do in Religious Studies. I think I compared faith and reward to the phenomenon of Santa Claus. The emails will roll in.

Today I passed in my thesis proposal, or, as Mike calls it, my feces proposal. It only took long enough. Happily, all my classmates haven't started writing theirs and aren't getting it in until February 14th. So I guess I'm a little ahead of the curve.

My classmate Kristen and I have made a tandem-going deal. We're the only 2 MAs in the Western field (anthropological crap) at Mac, so we're going to watch each other's backs. We've made a deal to make weekly goals for ourselves, meet on Thursdays, and discuss. We've also made the proviso that if we do not fulfill our goals, we must buy the other a drink. I said I'd finish 2 books I'm halfway through, read another whole book, and review + take notes on 3 of my fieldwork interviews.

It seemed doable before I farted away the weekend having a crib throwdown and playing on Ebay.

So, the bottom line is, this team effort with Kristen thing is going to help me fulfill one of my New Year's Resolutions: to drink more.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Life Aquatic.

So yeah, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou last night. I'd like to quote from This quote will be the touchstone for this review.

"Your whimsy tolerance will be tested." Boo Allen, Denton Record Chronicle.

It just seemed to be a series of strange behaviour strung together. I like Bill Murray, I like Owen Wilson, I like Cate Blanchett, but I really think Angelica Houston is magnificent. She's such an elegant and powerful woman. It's cool to watch her move.

Anyhow, if you're a diehard Anderson fan, or any of those listed above, I'd say go to a matinee, but don't pay full weekend prices. There were some beautiful locations and a stellar hero shot at the end, but I think I'll give it a meh overall.

This makes me think that I should develop a rating system for my reviews. It'd go something like this:

1)Recommend it to strangers in the street
2)Highly recommend to friends
3)I'm seeing it more than once in theatres
4)Recommend it to friends
5)Recommend it to fans of the actor/director/story, etc.
6)Meh -- see it but I'm not responsible
7)Wait for video
8)Don't bother seeing it on video
9)Letters to the editor about how bad this movie was
10)Picketing against the movie outside the theatre

This is a loose mock-up of my review structure. It might be tweaked in the future. I see now why some hacks stick to the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" structure. It can get complicated.

Here We Go Again.

GD it!

I just wrote a super long post and then the computer said it couldn't find the server (bullshit it couldn't) and then all the text was lost.


I'm really sick. The sore throat I mentioned 2 days ago is now a fully-blown bane of my existence. It really hurts to swallow anything, so I'm really thirsty, but not very hungry. This is how I know I'm sick -- I have no appetite. My throat is all swollen over, so even this morning when I painfully took an Advil Extra-Strength Migraine Liqui-Gel (tm), it was a tight squeeze. Just to make Lynda afraid, my left ear is itchy, too. I think it's all involved somehow.

I have an appointment at the Health Centre at school at 4pm, which is just over 6 hours away, and I'm hoping I come out with a prescription and not an OR appointment. Do you get local or general anaesthetic for tonsillectomies?

Mike's birthday was good yesterday. We went to see The Life Aquatic, review to follow, then we went to the Chalet Swiss, I managed to eat a 1/4 leg dinner (yum), then back to Mike's for some Tim's cake (mediocre) and a cribbage throwdown. I was winning a lot and diminishing my debt to him little by little, but then he skunked me and it was all for naught. Now I owe him, like, $27! (5c a hole and 10c a hole when skunked really adds up!) Bah.

Now I have to title my thesis. Easy right? No -- there's a formula. It goes:

Clever Phrase + colon + What the Paper's Actually About = title.


"At Her Wit's End: A Study of Female Grad Student's Mental Breakdowns in Canada's Universities."


"Immersed in His Work: Gypsy Dunk-Tank Operators in Romania's Carnivals."

I'm effed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Nature of Things.


Meh is the mood that I am in. I'm afraid I might be slipping into my usual February doldrums a little early this year. I have a sore throat, my glands are up (but not the right ones), I finished a huge afghan today, and had a meeting with my advisor.

I'm back in Hamilton. I've been back to school. Each successive classmate I meet says something to the effect: "Hey! Catherine! You're alive!" or "Hey! You decided to come back!" Jeez, it's as if they sent out a St. Bernard for me. Apparently everyone my roommate Jeremy talked to got the "I don't know where Catherine is" speech, but he was not so concerned as to write or call.

I'm pleased to see that Mel is keeping up with her posting, though (see "Mel's Fault" in the sidebar). It's entertaining for me, and it might keep her out of trouble (although the cryptic post for January 10th, 2005 might make me wonder) .

Here's what's interesting about what's happening in my life: Nothing. In fact, this is incredibly interesting. How can an organism live and grow older but have none of its circumstances change? I think I am a scientific anomaly. I will call David Suzuki.

I think I'm just in a little bit of a self-mourning mood right now. Don't post responses like, "Ah, Catherine, you're awesome and we love you!" and other such bullshit. I don't wanna hear it. I rather enjoy revelling in moods like this. I'll snap myself out of it by tomorrow. Tomorrow is Mike's birthday, so happy happy joy joy.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lardy, Lardy, Look Who's Fat. I Mean, Forty. No... Fat.

So… the fatness.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t lose more weight this fall. I guess I did abandon WW (Weight Watchers) in early October. That couldn’t have helped. BUT I thought since Capoeira was kicking my ass I’d be ok nonetheless. I was wrong. I weigh the exact same I did when I left in September.

Maybe muscle replaced the lard. Or some of the lard. I feel so much better, though – so much stronger and healthier. I don’t get winded doing regular things, like saving people from drowning in icy lakes, or scaling rock faces, or working towards cold fusion.

Anyhow, the point is: This is my semester. This year is kicking off me being more fit. There’s no point of being so tall if I can’t be a total fox. I’m wasting a privilege here! So: to fox it up, I’m going to lose some weight. No more stupid eating. That means chocolate, that means pizza, that means cheese. More fruit and veg and less bread. The bread sandwiches were silly, come to think of it. See below for recipe.

Mike et al are training for a marathon this year. I’m going to set up a blog for them to track their progress, so watch for the link. I think I will also train, but not for the marathon. I don’t like running. I find it hard on my knees, and then I can’t play Capoeira to my ass-kickingest.

I saw Lemony Snicket on Wednesday night. It was really quite good. I would recommend it.

Mike’s gone now, which is a little strange. I’m used to having him around, like my daemon (see His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman). I have to get used to it (this being alone feeling), I guess, because who knows where I’ll be next year.

I'm still in Stratford. I go back to Hamilton on Saturday. TAing is already a chore, as classes started on the 3rd! So, I missed the first class and the prof is on the warpath. She's a bit of a gorgon, anyway. Sigh.

Bread Sandwiches.

Bread Sandwiches

3 Pieces of thickly sliced bread
2 tbsp margarine or butter

Spread butter over one side of 2 slices of bread. Place third slice in between the other two (butter side in) and press firmly. Voila! A bread sandwich!

For extra golden goodness, butter the outsides of the bread and brown in a skillet!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Same Shit, Different Year.

Good. The New Year’s over. Well, I guess it’s really just begun, but the New Years’ Eve garbage is over. I felt bad, but ditched out on a party Mike invited me to. Jackie came over and we watched a What Not To Wear marathon. It was actually a lot of fun – I haven’t seen the show all autumn and there were a couple of new episodes on.

Anders and Hannah came over one night to play games with Marilyn and me. We played a new game called Blokus – I recommend it. It’s challenging but not too challenging.

Last night I went to see Ocean’s Twelve with Melanie and Lynda. It was good – I think. I’m pretty sure the story was fairly complicated or convoluted or weak or something, but there was so much eye candy, it was difficult to concentrate on the plot. Lucky for the movie. My George was distractingly handsome but didn’t have enough screen time, and my Topher made an appearance.

The score was wickedly cool, almost as homage to the Rat Pack. It was an interesting mix of Samba and Tropicalia – a very Brazilian feel to it. That link to Brazil was a propos, as well, because the “bad guy” (i.e. French eye candy - Vincent Cassel) was a Capoeirista. We saw him training one morning, and then he used his mad martial skillz* to avoid um, randomly programmed laser beams. Well, it looked cool anyway. Bottom line: I recommend this movie, but only if you have low expectations. I repeat, though – go see The Aviator.