Friday, December 10, 2004

Homeward Bound.

I got 2 emails/messages today asking about when I'm going home.

I fly into Moncton International (!) Airport late on the 16th. Mike is flying in the same day (not on the same flight -- we're not allowed to fly together anymore -- damn FAA), and Jackie is coming over to pick us up. Hopefully, Marilyn will join her for the ride. I'll stay at Marilyn's place that night and then go surprise Mum and Dad in the morning of the 17th.

Yeah, I haven't told Mum and Dad that's when I'm returning. In fact, I've lied and told them it's the 22nd. I don't like lying to my parents (about stuff like this). Plus, it's not like me coming home is such a huge prize; it's just me. The novelty will rapidly wear off as I start to leave dishes by the couch and terrorize the cat into a froth.

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