Thursday, November 04, 2004

We Don't Need No Education.

Today's a long day for me. Usually I have class at 1:30pm, my office hours at 6-7pm, lecture from 7-9pm, and then my tutorial from 9-10pm. This week our class is going to a special guest lecture thing, which means I don't have to prepare a tutorial, which gives me all tomorrow afternoon to work on a term paper. I know this sounds like too much fun for me to handle, but it's better than what I usually do in the 4 hours before my tutorial: attempt to prepare my tutorial in a way my students might not suspect is half-assed.

I was talking to Marianne last night. She's SO stoked about this Beastie Boys concert this Monday. I'm really excited, too, but nothing like Mare. For those of you who don't know, Marianne was living in Toronto, but had to move home for cash flow reasons. Now, she is flying back for a couple of days to visit me/GO TO THE BEASTIE BOYS CONCERT. She started laughing uncontrollably when she realised it was me on the phone and that I was calling in preparation for her visit. It makes me smile.

Yes, yes, I know, I'm just a concert hopping little vixen these days. Sloan's playing later in the month, too, here in Hamilton, but the tickets are something stupid like $30, standing room. I think not. Well, ok, actually, I'm thinking about it. I saw them last year at Mac ($14, hm...) and they totally rocked AND I like supporting the (almost) hometown boys. The thing is, I haven't really listened to their new album much (read: yet), even though Mum or Marilyn gave it to me for Christmas (? -- some gift-giving holiday).

For those of you concerned with my academics, I'll have you know I went to the library yesterday and showed some initiative when it comes to my "final, end of term, big girl, you're a grad student," paper that I have to write for the undergrad class I'm taking as a grad class. I need one more Asian course for my coursework requirements, but last year at Mac, three (i.e. all) of the Asian field profs left, leaving me shit out of luck. So, they rigged it that I could take this undergrad class and get a grad credit for it. I have to do the whole undergrad class thing (lectures, tutorials, papers, assignments, and exams) and a 15ish page paper at the end. I HATE writing papers that long. I usually crap out at 7 pages, so this is going to be a drag. Happily, the prof has been nurturing when it comes to topics, and he's happy with me doing it on Hindu pilgrimage sites. This is great news because I know very very VERY little about pilgrimage traditions in India. I was thinking about doing it on a really cool & sacred place called Benares (aka Kasi, Varanasi), but then I happened across something on pilgrimage sites inspired by the Mahabharata, so I think that's where I'm going. We have to read a 100pg version of the MBh for this class, which is a bit of a joke since last year I had to read 6 books of it in "direct translation," but I look forward to reading the Coles Notes version.

Enough of this. I have to go to school.

Coming soon: the long and exhausting list of things I can do with my life next year. Peep into my madness! Yay!

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mel said...

here's another eerie mel/catherine concert going connection. Sloan's playing downtown here next week too, and I wanted to go, but don't think I can afford it. Allthough, I can get a ticket through our student federation, since they're sponsoring it, for just $10. That's right, I'm just. that. broke. buuuuuuut, Beastie Boys at the Corell Centre in six days!!! I'm sooo stoked too!!!!