Sunday, November 07, 2004

Code Red

I was talking to Mel last night, or, as I am going to call her, my
broggo-sensei. She taught me some code, recommended some stuff, and counseled me on my newly-embraced (resigned?) dorkiness. I still hold that I don’t like blogs, and some feedback I’ve had from friends agrees with me. For example, my sister’s reaction: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

I told Mel that I’m so old and behind that I prefer the trusty telegram for communicatory purposes stop

Go visit The Onion ( this week for reactions to the American election. Headlines include: “America Comes Out Agin The Gay Marryin’.” Perfect.

My co-TA for told me some wisdom that I shall impart. The Electoral College says that if there is more than 50.1% of a state for one candidate, then the whole state is for that candidate, right? Right, basically. So, he says that all people who voted for bush are backwards ijits, but since the popular vote was more than 50.1% of the overall tally, therefore ALL of the American voters are banjo-pluckin’, fallout-shelter diggin’, gopher-shootin’ weenies. Cheers to Andrew for showing me the light. He went on to say that… wait, I shouldn’t write what he said. The CIA will probably send him to Guantanamo Bay.

Today Marianne comes and then tomorrow we’re going to have a hoot in Hogtown. I don’t know what we’re doing, but I hope it involves the new H&M flagship store. I’d include a link, but the H&M site sucks and does not do itself justice.

Today I have Capoeira at 5pm. Friday’s class was not the best. Contre Mestre Bola was at some sort of event in Phoenix, so he sent in one of his upper-level students, to “teach.” He would pair us up, take the other advanced guy, show us some movements we’ve never seen, and then leave us alone to practice with each other. Then, at the end, he showed us a new type of Au, but then said “once you know how to do it, it’s impossible to break it down – you just have to throw yourself into it.” I don’t know about that. As Jenn, one of my classmates, pointed out afterwards, that is what makes a good teacher – being able to break down elements and teach them.

New things he had us trying this week: ½ a Rasteira, some sort of Tesoura (which I hate), Vingativa (which I love).
Moves I have a balance and strength issues with: Queixada, a regular Role, Martelo, Negativa.
The kick I love but can’t do so well yet: Meia Lua de Compasso


mel said...

catherine stop
I thought you were going to change your writing style completely to suit your preferred mode of communication stop I was a little disappointed to see that you didn't follow through stop but the sidebar looks good stop keep blogging and you'll earn the link on mine stop the word stop has lost all meaning stop seriously, look at it, it's weird looking stop
Americans are dumb STOP!

Catherine said...

Sumimasen, broggo-sensei teiryuu. Watachi-no broggo wa... a screw this... yeah, it got tedious. Want to see tedious, see above in this comment.

mel said...

uhm, yea, I have no idea what you're saying there. I'm assuming it has something to do with Brazillian kun-fu. zoom zoom to you too.