Thursday, November 25, 2004

All Seven and We'll Watch Them Fall.

Mike is now editing the seven pages that I managed to squeeze out last night and this morning. I had to leave the room because watching him was painful. He kept squinting and furrowing his brow. I hope all those facial responses were to the Hindu terms I was using (bhakti, gopis, moksha, etc.), but knowing he's in English and critical of writing and likes editing (somewhat), he's probably gonna tear me a new one.

I feel bad, too, because if I'd started it earlier, it might be more coherent.

Anyhow, hopefully by now my computer has been restored to its once former beauty. Jamie S and Jamie B tag-teamed it, I think. Jamie S said something like, it's a Cicero CPU and it's built for Windows XP, but someone installed Windows Professional, which has no firewall against infections. Therefore, I was baring my computer to the mercy of the big, dirty, wide internet. I didn't know! I hope Social Services don't take it away from me.

Well, this is the last night for my tutorial. I hope I actually plan something this week as opposed to last week when I got tipsy and flew into the tutorial without a plan. I'm sure, since I will have the entire afternoon to read and plan something, it will be my crowning glory. PLUS, the students do their evaluations today. You know what that means: I have to look hot.

I think Mike is winding down his slash-and-burn expedition, so I'm gonna go face the music. This paper has to be really good, so whatever advice he gives me (within reason), I'm gonna take it. Wish me luck. Gulp.

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